3 FREE Days of Coaching & Training for Boutique Fitness Studio Owners

November 8-10

Join Us For 3 FREE Days to SCALE Your Studio!

We Will Dive Into The Studio Grow Scale-up Audit and Meet the Studio Owners

Who Are Having Their Biggest Year Ever and Learn Exactly How They're Doing It, Plus... 

  • ​ The 3 biggest gaps that Chris closed during quarantine which added 148 new annual members in May of 2021 (even though he was still closed)

  • ​ Which areas of your studio need your focus TODAY (and what baby steps can double your leads this winter and dramatically change your conversion process)

  • ​ How Michelle added 45 new annual members in less than 6 weeks  and what marketing methods you need to scale your studio and attract new clients NOW

  • ​ Our Expert Panel goes deep on Facebook Ads (and all those changes), Human Resources, Team & HR, all things Legal and the Profitability System that has our clients averaging 30%+ profit margins

  • ​ And, so much more that there's no way it will fit in this box😉

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