New Live Training Begins in...

New Live Training Begins in...

Empowering You To Show Up As The Leader

Of Your Business!

January 5th 10am - 1pm ET

Beth Potter

Chief Experience Officer

Michelle Tenuta

Director of Client Services

Imagine how impactful it would be to take time out once per quarter to review, reset and plan for the next three months. That is exactly what our 3-hour Quarterly CEO Day is for!

On January 5th from 10am-1pm EST, we'll be offering a Quarterly CEO day designed to help you revisit business goals, set boundaries for productivity, organize your big projects, and stay on track with your annual business planning.


I don’t know about you but being a business owner can be a whirlwind sometimes. You blink and suddenly three months have gone by and you feel like you haven’t accomplished a thing..

What if I told you it didn’t need to be this way?

A CEO day is a day when you focus on business planning.

A day when you get to step away from working IN the business and shift your focus to working ON the business. 

Make the most of this time set aside to:

  • Revisit your why

  • Review your quarterly performance

  • Reset and realign goals to match your annual strategy

  • Set boundaries for productivity

  • Celebrate wins and let go of roadblocks

  • Plan for the quarter ahead

Join Us on January 5th!

This is a sacred day, my friends!

Turn off your phone, block out your calendar and spend time focused on strategy, planning and yourself.

Quarterly CEO Day

Implementation Workbook Included!

Very Limited Spots

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